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Temperature Humidity Data Logger USB


Temperature Humdity Data Logger


Temperature range            -40℉~176℉, -40℃ ~80℃ 
Relative humidity range    0%RH to 100%RH   
Accuracy                            +/- 3%RH ±0.5℃
Resolution                     0.01%RH 0.01℉/ 0.01℃
Record capability            32,000 Readings (16,000 RH% 16,000 Temp.)
Recording time interval      1min to 24 h (selectable)
Record of time delay    1min to 24 h (selectable)
Battery life                    1-2 years
Dimension                    3.4″ x 1.1″ x 0.5″(8.6cm * 2.8 cm *1.2 cm)
Weight                            1.25 oz.( 35g )
Battery                            Don`t need to recharge battery
Product Instruction 
USB temperature humidity recorder made by U.S. APRESYS, employing the most advanced high-tech electronic technology, high-performance integrated circuits, turning the regular recorder to a USB appearance, is not only compact, which is close to the size of U disk and easy to carry, but also its U disk interface design can be directly connected with the computer, eliminating online switching process, thus greatly improving work efficiency, and saving working-hours.
USB socket can be directly connected with the computer to read, save, and print data, it is of great convenience. At the same time, matching with a printer, and transferring data via USB interface, it is available to have temperature data and graphs printed anywhere anytime. It is compact with high precision, long life, good stability and low cost. It can be charged repeatedly via computer USB port, saving battery replacement. With a wide temperature range, it is suitable for a variety of common, even extreme temperature environments. With soft-shell design and three-proofing technology processing, it is capable of shock-proofing, dust-proofing and water-proofing.
USB design is compact and delicate.
USB interface communication, the data can be read in a simpler and more efficient way.
Charging through computer USB port, it can last for three months with full power.
With E-3 anti-treatment, it is usable in extreme environments such as low-temperature, high humidity, strong earthquakes and etc.
1. Shipping, Transportation, and Food Monitoring
2. Vaccine Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, chemical medicines monitoring
3. temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.
Operating Instruction
Hold down button about 3 seconds. Red indicator will flash 3 times, then flash 10 times fast that means data logger has been started.(Data logger can be started through software.)
On working:
Press the button, red indicator will keep bright about 3 times that means logging status.
Data Read:
Please install Apresys software on PC to read, save and analyze recorded data.
Note: If data logger has not been started, hold down button about 3 second to start again. The last data will be lost; The next one shall be according to the last one.