GPRS 2G Temp RH Tracker
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GPRS 2G Temp Humidity Tracker GPRS 2G Temp RH Tracker


GPRS 2G Temperature Humidity Tracker


Type: GPRS-T: temperature tracker only

GPRS-TH: temperature and humidity tracker

Working range Temperature: -30~70°C

Humidity: 1%-99%

Accuracy: ±0.5°C; ±3%

Resolution rate: 0.1 °C

Data capacity :300 days

Cloud database save: 3 years

Interval time: 1-120 minutes optional

Parameter setting cloud platform / APP

Start mode:button start

Stop mode: button stop / platform stop

GPRS function: Mobile UPIoT

Positioning: LBS positioning

SMS function: Support 3 mobile phone numbers

Communication method: GPRS wireless transmission and USB reading

Power supply mode: 1800 mAh

Monitoring software: Mobile APP and cloud platform monitoring

Clock display: hardware clock,power off, the time does not stop

Dimensions without base: length 10.7cm * width 7cm * thickness 1.55cm

With base: length 11.4cm* width 7.4cm* thickness 2.0cm


GPRS temperature recorder is mainly used for temperature recording and real-time monitoring of cold chain transportation such as incubators, refrigerated trucks and containers. Simplify operations, reduce costs, and use the mobile APP or cloud platform to grasp the temperature and location information of the transportation environment in real time, so that users can be more assured of delivery.


Mobile app and cloud platform synchronous monitoring

Logger and cloud platform synchronous data storage

SMS alarm can be set to respond to emergencies

Moisture-proof design for high humidity environments

Open data monitoring platform for easy viewing of data

Can be pushed to customers after delivery, interactive friends

Monitor the location and transportation trajectory of the goods at any time

Key lock to ensure data security in transit