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Laser Rangefinder 5000m LRB5000


SpecificationsMeasure Range  30-5000m/ydMeasure Accuracy  ±1mOperating Temperature -10℃~+5


Measure Range  30-5000m/yd
Measure Accuracy  ±1m
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Repetition rate             1/6~1/3HZ
External Connection RS232,2400,8,N,2
Laser Mode                 YAG
Magnification                 7x
Field of view              6.5°
Power source        12V Ni-MH rechargeable battery-pack
Dimensions        4 1/2’’x6’’x2 1/8’’(115x152x54mm)
Weight                2.2lbs/1Kg
 can be measured without reflector
 channel can be set to a minimum
 Precise measurements of calculated data
 measurement of fast moving targets
 Save and view measurements
 LCD screen and lighting
 can be set to single or continuous working mode
 Laser Statistics
Instrument configuration: 
APRESYS LRB5000 laser range finder, instrument case, charger, rechargeable battery, an external drive connections; 
Purpose and Usage Range
U.S. APRESYS LRB 5000 remote laser range finder / long-distance range finder, LRB5000 it does not require illuminator. LRB5000 is especially designed to measure the ground. It is used for remote measurement, high precision, wide range, easy to carry, and easy to operate. It can also be used for different environmental measurements, river way, sea-route, mark post
telecommunications, cable, geological surveying, meteorology, airport, forest, etc..
1. Instruction maintenance 
a.check equipment regularly and timely clean surface of the dust,dirt, grease, mold and so on. 
b.Use soft and dry cloth to clean eyepiece, objective lens or laser windows. Hard object is prohibited, to avoid damage to optical performance. 
c.The machine is high-precision instrument combined light, machinery, electricity. Handle carefully, non-extruded, or fall from a height 
⒉ problems
Replacement of batteries and some do not open the instrument calibration is allowed. Limited use of personnel handling problems, Contact the local dealer if you found problems. Open the equipment without permission is strictly prohibited, to prevent injury or further damage with high pressure.
3.Apresys ® after-sale service 
This instrument from the date of sale, one year warranty, who have either manufacturing or component quality problems
U.S. manufacturer will supply replacement parts and maintenance free. If users are careless or improper storage and transportation accidents damage, not under warranty. 
Supply lifelong maintenance, over the warranty period, and only pay part of the repair and maintenance fees.