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Temperature Humidity Data Loggers

USB Disposable Temperature Data Logger User Manual

USB Disposable Temperature Recorder User Manual D25/D50/D99 series

Technical Parameters

Temperature Range -40°F ~185°F, -40°C ~85°C
Accuracy +1°F/ + 0.5°C
Resolution 0.01°F/ 0.01°C
Battery Lithium Manganese Battery
Storage life 5 Years
Dimension 5.5cm * 5.5 cm *0.3 cm (2.2'' * 2.2'' * 0.12'')
Weight 15g (0.5 oz)
Models D25, D50, D99

Selection Guide
•Type: D25 Maximum Recording 25 Days, Sampling time Interval every 5 Min (Suggested Use: 1-25 Days)
•Type: D50 Maximum Recording 50 Days, Sampling time Interval every 10 Min (Suggested Use: 25-50 Days)
•Type: D99 Maximum Recording 99 Days,Sampling time Interval every 20 Min (Suggested Use: 50-99 Days)

LAB, Shipping, Transportation, and Food Monitoring
Vaccines Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture,chemical medicines Monitoring
Temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.

Compact Size, High accuracy, long service life, good stability and low lost.
Even if the power is exhausted, it still could print data as the USB interface could supply power.
Data is connected to the printer via the USB interface, providing the truest temperature variation data and graphical charts by printing.
Have destructive starting with patent.
Swiss high-precision digital sensor all along the journey.
Easy to use, could complete all tasks with these buttons.
It could keep recordings for over five years.
Print Mode: real time print, timed print and history print.


Simple Operation Instruction

1. The device can be started by holding down the white push button about 3-5s, it starts recording data after the red indicator light flashing three times and keeps flashing ten times.

2. It continues to blink in five second intervals while the device is logging.

3. When finish the data recording, download software the temperature recorder can be connected with computer for reading the data. In the same time, the recorder will be stopped working automatically. The indicator light will not blink and the device will never start but the data of the recorder can still be read repeatedly.

﹡For international Customer:
Time zone should be set your local starting time, just click “Calibration” button before using via software, Down load software at http://www.apresys.com/downloads/

﹡Keep the plate recorder properly, could reprint when searching history, and could be kept permanently.

Disposable (Single-Use) Temperature Data logger (D25,D50,D99) Red Light Blinking Indicator

To Start
Press white button three seconds, red light blinks 3 times, then 10 times fastly, that means the data logger has been started to record successfully.

On Working
Red light blinks 1 time every 5 seconds as it is on working , press white button, the red light still blinks every 5 seconds as before.

Used Logger
Data logger stops recording when you read the data via PC, press white button now, the red light is on but without blinking, that means the data logger has been stopped to record.